We build relationships.
Helping you seize opportunity.


Alright, so, software ate the world. That happened. Technology is now at the heart of every modern company, and as far as we can tell that isn’t changing.

Our job is to make it more human. To build digital products that improve people’s lives, help them navigate the world, help them communicate with each other, and to solve both your and their challenges faster.

Omnilume makes digital products that are both functional and beautiful. Products that help you get from A to B but also tell you a little story on the way.

Products that create emotions. In short, we create digital products and experiences that help our clients solve problems and seize opportunities.

Trusted by disruptive startups
and industry leaders.

Our principles
to give you a head start.

Making no mistakes
From the initial inception of the business goal, we rely on our proactive approach in challenging both our own and client’s assumptions about a product, experience and an audience we’re talking to.
Giving all thse F#@!s
There’s this little thing we call “the relentless pursuit of better” that sums up the way we stress-test our ideas, sweat the details and generally obsess over the exceptional quality of our work.
Aces, not alphas
We’re low on ego, heavy on collaboration. Whether it’s teammates or clients, working closely and happily together is essential to our process and ultimate success.
The roads?
We’re life-long learners, explorers and experimenters. We’re into work stuff but also the wider world of stuff – in particular, the endless possibilities of the future.